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  • Richard Boyd

5 Problems and Opportunities

Richard Boyd is a parallel entrepreneur. He specializes in virtual worlds, digital twins, AI, machine learning, and the evolution of the Metaverse. Creator of 3D Virtual Worlds.

"Life isn't multiple's massively multiple choice."

  1. How will the Metaverse evolve for education?

  2. How do we create a simulation prescription for healthcare to stop killing 100,000 people unnecessarily in the US every year?

  3. Nuclear Fusion and the Future of Energy (and our planet)

  4. The Decline of the Fourth Estate (and how to revive it)

  5. Information Warfare: How do we maintain our moral bearings?

Which of these do you believe to be the most important for 2023?

  • 0%Education in the Metaverse

  • 0%Simulation Prescription for Healthcare

  • 0%Nuclear Fusion and the Future of Energy

  • 0%The Decline of the 4th Estate

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