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Simulation provides a cost effective, engaging and on-going alternative to land-based Instructor-Led Training


Proper techniques in the aseptic lab environment are critical in order to avoid costly or even deadly mistakes. Pharmaceutical companies can save time and money training new personnel or providing continuing education to existing personnel in online collaborative 3D lab environments. Providing blended learning with hands-on simulation can successfully lead to validation that lab personnel understand the importance of good lab procedure and the consequences of poor procedure. The main issues Ultisim addresses are:


  • Just in time training (reduce time to train)

  • Reduce time to schedule training

  • Reduce time to review and critique training

  • Improve quality of training (personal development)

  • Reduce cost of training

  • Reduce time out of production

  • Improve continuing education 

  • Provide prescriptive content to automatically determine training requirements

  • Equipment and facilities remain dedicated for their intended use.

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