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A shorter path to mastery.


Ultisim creates advanced interactive 3D models of hardware, manufacturing process simulations, animations, data visualizations and narrated marketing and sales promotions.


With three decades of experience pioneering 3D simulation for computers, game consoles and the Internet, Ultisim is uniquely qualified to create immersive, compelling simulation content for the next generation of simulation learning. When we say “next generation,” we mean technologies and content that take full advantage of the potential for human and machine interaction resulting in courseware that will truly stand the test of time and have a long shelf life.


It has long been known that doing rather than reading about or observing a task results in better information transfer and longer retention. It stands to reason that the more senses one engages the more brain synapses are recorded. Ultisim’s immersive, collaborative simulation learning courseware and serious games require a small premium over the page-turning courseware that sometimes passes for e-learning today, but is more effective and pays greater dividends over a longer time span. 

Ultisim art teams are experts at creating real-time 3D computer environments, objects, and characters. To capture real-world places and objects, we use a well-defined process that includes conversion of CAD data or direct capture using 3D scanners or digital photography. 

Ultisim’s Sweet Spot
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